Private Presses

The Beinecke Library collects publications of the following private presses. This is not a comprehensive list and names can be added as necessary.  Make a tracing for other presses as appropriate. Often the library acquires a private press title because of who wrote the work, rather than who printed the work. In this case still make an added entry.

United States

Brother Antoninus [see Everson, William]
Appledore Press
Everson, William, ‡d 1912-1994
Gehenna Press
Grabhorn Press
Grabhorn-Hoyem (Firm)
Greenwood Press (San Francisco, Calif.)
Grenfell Press
Hammer, Victor, ‡d 1882-1967
Hunter, Dard, ‡d 1883-1966
Kennedy, Lawton, ‡d 1900-1980
L-D Allen Press
Mosher Press
Nash, John Henry, ‡d 1871-1947
New Overbrook Press
Overbrook Press
Plantin Press
Press of the Wooly Whale
Pynchon Printers
Rather Press
Ritchie, Ward, ‡d 1905-1996
Rogers, Bruce, ‡d 1870-1957
Wilson, Adrian
Windsor Press


Antiquariaat De Zilverdistel
Ashendene Press
Baskerville, John, ‡d 1706-1775
Black Sun Press
Bremer Presse
Cranach Presse (Germany)
Cuala Press
Doves Press
Dun Emer Press
Enschede [see Joh. Enschedé en Zonen]
Fanfrolico Press
Gebrèuder Klingspor
Golden Cockerel Press
Gregynog Press
Joh. Enschedé en Zonen
Hogarth Press
Kelmscott Press
Klingspor [see Gebrèuder Klingspor]
Koch, Rudolf, ‡d 1876-1934
Mardersteig, Giovanni, ‡d 1892-1977
Nonesuch Press
Officina Bodoni
Officina Serpentis
Pear Tree Press
Rampant Lions Press
Shakespeare Head Press
Stamperia Valdonega
Stols, A. A. M. ‡q (Alexander Alphonse Marius), ‡d 1900-1973
Tuinwijkpers (Haarlem)
Zilverdistel [see Antiquariaat De Zilverdistel]

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