Manuscripts (590)

Discrete manuscript items bound with, tipped/pasted in, written on the endpapers or textblock, or otherwise present in the volume should be briefly described in a 590 note. No tracings should be made for the names/titles associated with the manuscript since these items may be cataloged by the Manuscript Unit in Beinecke.  NO note or tracing is necessary for items noted as removed on the In process sheet.


590     ‡a BEIN [call number]: A ms. poem on endpapers.
590     ‡a BEIN [call number]: Autograph letter from Ezra Pound to Hilda Doolittle tipped in.

If the item is removed from the volume and added to the manuscript collections modify the note to reflect the change.

590     ‡a BEIN Shirley 3497: Autograph letter from Rufus Griswold, originally tipped in, removed and filed with manuscripts.

Occasionally an item may be removed and added to the library's bibliographic files, which are vertifical files for each of the collections. Modify the record to reflect the change.

590     ‡a BEIN [call number]:  Letter from bookdealer, originally tipped in, removed and added to the Western Americana bibliographic file.
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