Special provenance instructions for collections

For material from the following libraries and collections, make notes and tracings as instructed below. Use the tracing [name] ‡x Ownership, if there is no physical evidence of ownership (e.g., autograph, bookplate), or if the physical evidence is in a form that is not listed as a valid subdivision in Provenance tracings. Do not make an ownership tracing if there is a tracing for physical evidence under the same name, even if the physical evidence is for a different copy. Generally, the note phrase given on the BLIPS will match the note phrase provided below. In case of discrepancy, use the note phrase found on this list. Additions to the list will be made as necessary. A list of locally created collections is also maintained.

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Agenda From the Agenda archive.
[do not trace ownership]
Amichai, Yehuda
From the library of Yehuda Amichai.
Amichai, Yehuda ‡x Ownership.
Amichai, Yehuda
From the Yehuda Amichai Papers.
Amichai, Yehuda ‡x Ownership.
Andrews, Duncan From the collection of Duncan Andrews.
Andrews, Duncan ‡x Ownership.
Aretino, Pietro See Pietro Aretino Collection
Asch, Shalom Sholem Asch Collection of Judaica, gift of Louis M. Rabinowitz.
Asch, Sholem, ‡d1880-1957 ‡x Ownership

Bookplate reads: The Shalom Asch Collection of Judaica, The Gift of Louis M. Rabinowitz

Barnard, Mary From the Mary Barnard Papers.
Barnard, Mary ‡x Ownership.
Beardsley, Samuel, From the library of Samuel Beardsley.
Beardsley, Samuel, ‡d 1790-1860 ‡x Ownership.
Bellamy, Joe David From the Joe David Bellamy Papers.
Bellamy, Joe David ‡x Ownership.
Nina Berberova From the Nina Berberova Papers.
Berberova, Nina Nikolaevna ‡x Ownership.
Betjeman See Andrews, Duncan
Bory Jean-François From the Jean-François Bory Papers.
Bory, Jean-François, ‡d 1938- ‡x Ownership.
Bowen, Marjorie From the Marjorie Bowen Papers.
Bowen, Marjorie, ‡d 1888-1952 ‡x Ownership.
Bowering, George From the library of George Bowering.
Bowering, George, ‡d 1935- ‡x Ownership.
Brodsky, Joseph From the Joseph Brodsky Papers.
Brodsky, Joseph, ‡d 1940-1996 ‡x Ownership.
Bruchac, Joseph From the library of Joseph Bruchac.
Bruchac, Joseph, ‡d 1942- ‡x Ownership.
Campbell, Sandy See: Windham, Donald
Carner, Frank K. From the library of Frank K. Carner.
Carner, Frank K. ‡x Ownership.
Chelsea records From the Chelsea records.
[do not trace ownership]
Chiron Review See: Hathaway, Michael
Clodd, Alan From the library of Alan Clodd.
Clodd, Alan ‡x Ownership.
Cohen, Ira From the Ira Cohen Papers.
Cohen, Ira ‡x Ownership.
Coleridge family collection
590     ‡a [Call number]: From the Coleridge family's Chanter's House Library, Ottery St. Mary, Devon.
692 3 4 ‡a Coleridge family ‡x Ownership.
Congrega dei Rozzi Part of a collection of 16th century Italian works relating to the Congrega dei Rozzi.
Congrega dei Rozzi Collection.
Corn, Alfred From the Alfred Corn Papers.
Corn, Alfred, ‡d 1943- ‡x Ownership.
Daly, James Joseph From the James Daly Papers.
Daly, James Joseph, ‡d 1901- ‡x Ownership.
Davie, Donald From the Donald Davie papers.
Davie, Donald ‡x Ownership.
Denissen, Frans From the Frans Denissen papers.
Denissen, Frans ‡x Ownership.
De Palchi, Alfredo From the Alfredo De Palchi and Sona Raiziss Papers.
De Palchi, Alfredo, ‡d 1926- ‡x Ownership.
Raiziss, Sona ‡x Ownership.
[died 1994; only trace for imprints before 1995]
Dimension archive From the Dimension archive.
[do not trace ownership]
DiPalma, Ray From the library of Ray DiPalma.
DiPalma, Ray ‡x Ownership.
Dreier, Katherine From the Katherine S. Dreier Papers / Société anonyme Archive.
Dreier, Katherine Sophie, ‡d 1877-1952 ‡x Ownership
Duncan Andrews Collection of John Betjeman See: Andrews, Duncan
Eisenman, Peter From the collection of Peter Eisenman.
Eisenman, Peter, ‡d1932- ‡x Ownership.
Elmslie, Kenward From the Kenward Elmslie Papers.
Elmslie, Kenward ‡x Ownership.
Eshleman, Clayton From the library of Clayton Eshleman.
Eshleman, Clayton ‡x Ownership.
Evenson, Brian From the Brian Evenson Papers.
Evenson, Brian, ‡d 1966- ‡x Ownership.
Faure, Jean-Pierre From the Jean-Pierre Faure Collection on Raymond Queneau and pataphysics.
Faure, Jean-Pierre ‡x Ownership.
Fitzherbert, William Previously owned by Sir William Fitzherbert.
Fitzherbert, William, ‡c Sir, ‡d 1748-1791 ‡x Ownership.
Ford, Charles Henri
(ACC 20040825-b)
From the Charles Henri Ford Papers.
Ford, Charles Henri ‡x Ownership
Foster, Thomas & Catharine From the Thomas H. and Catharine O. Foster papers.
Foster, Thomas H. ‡x Ownership.
Foster, Catharine Osgood ‡x Ownership.
Frick, Hans-Jurgen From the collection of Hans-Jürgen Frick.
Frick, Hans-Jürgen ‡x Ownership.
Friedlander, Lee From the Lee Friedlander Papers.
Friedlander, Lee ‡x Ownership.
Fromm, Harold and Gloria From the Harold and Gloria Fromm Collection of Dorothy M. Richardson.
Fromm, Harold ‡x Ownership.
Fromm, Gloria ‡x Ownership.
Gallup, Donald From the library of Donald Gallup.
Gallup, Donald Clifford, ‡d 1913- ‡x Ownership.
Gander, Forrest From the Forrest Gander Papers.
Gander, Forrest, ‡d 1956- ‡x Ownership.
Gillmore, Inez Haynes From the Inez Haynes Gillmore Papers.
Gillmore, Inez Haynes, ‡d 1873-1970 ‡x Ownership.
Gittings, Barbara and Kay Tobin See: Tobin, Kay and Barbara Gittings
Gombrowicz, Witold From the library of Witold Gombrowicz.
Gombrowicz, Witold ‡x Ownership.
Gould, Lois From the Lois Gould Papers.
Gould, Lois ‡x Ownership.
Guest, Barbara From the Barbara Guest Papers.
Guest, Barbara ‡x Ownership.
Hacker, Marilyn From the Marilyn Hacker Papers.
Hacker, Marilyn, ‡d 1942- ‡x Ownership.
Hathaway, Michael From the Michael Hathaway-Chiron Review Papers.
Hathaway, Michael, ‡d 1961- ‡x Ownership.
Heller, Alfred From the library of Alfred Heller.
Heller, Alfred E. ‡x Ownership.
Heitman, H. F. From the library of H.F. Heitman.
Heitman, H. F. ‡x Ownership.
Hodgson, Ralph From the library of Ralph Hodgson.
Hodgson, Ralph, ‡d 1871-1962 ‡x Ownership.
Holmstrom, John From the John Holmstrom papers and Punk magazine archive.
Holmstrom, John, ‡d 1954- ‡x Ownership.
Horgan, Paul From the Paul Horgan Papers.
Horgan, Paul, ‡d 1903-1995 ‡x Ownership.
Hughes, Carol From the library of Carol Hughes.
Hughes, Carol, ‡c (Wife of Ted Hughes) ‡x Ownership.
Hughes, Langston From the Langston Hughes Papers.
Hughes, Langston, ‡d 1902-1967 ‡x Ownership.
Humes, L. S. From the L.S. Humes Klondike Collection.
Humes, L. Stark ‡q (Ladell Stark), ‡d 1875 or 1876-1917 ‡x Ownership.
Irwin, Inez Haynes See: Gillmore, Inez Haynes
Jaffe, James From the James Jaffe Collection of works by and about Jonathan Williams.
Jaffe, James S.‡x Ownership.
Jolas, Eugene and Maria From the library of Eugene and Maria Jolas.
Jolas, Eugene‡d 1894-1952‡x Ownership.
Jolas, M. ‡x Ownership

For works published after Eugene's death give a note a tracing only for Maria:
From the library of Maria Jolas.
Jolas, M. ‡x Ownership.
Jakovsky, Anatole From the library of Anatole Jakovsky.
Jakovsky, Anatole ‡x Ownership.
Kaplan, Stuart and Marilyn From the library of Stuart and Marilyn Kaplan.
Kaplan, Stuart R. ‡x Ownership.
Kaplan, Marilyn ‡x Ownership.
Kipling See: Tyler, Matilda
Kirkup, James From the James Kirkup Papers.
Kirkup, James, ‡d 1918-2009 ‡x Ownership.
Kohut Bookplate reads Alexander Kohut Memorial Collection:
From the Alexander Kohut Memorial Collection, gift of George Alexander Kohut.
Kohut, Alexander, ‡d1842-1894 ‡x Ownership

Bookplate reads Alexander Kohut Memorial Collection, From the library of George A. Kohut:
Alexander Kohut Memorial Collection, from the library of George Alexander Kohut.
Kohut, George Alexander, ‡d 1874-1933‡x Ownership

Bookplate reads Alexander Kohut Memorial Collection, anonymous gift in memory of George Alexander Kohut:
Alexander Kohut Memorial Collection, anonymous gift in memory of George Alexander Kohut.
[no ownership tracing]
Kramer, Larry From the papers of Larry Kramer.
Kramer, Larry ‡x Ownership.
Lada-Mocarski, Laura K. and Valerian From the collection of Laura K. and Valerian Lada-Mocarski.
Lada-Mocarski, Laura K. ‡q (Laura Klots), ‡d 1902-1997 ‡x Ownership.
Lada-Mocarski, Valerian, ‡d 1898-1971 ‡x Ownership.
Laughlin, James Make only for monographs
From the library of James Laughlin.
Laughlin, James, 1914-1997 ‡x Ownership.
Lauterbach, Ann From the Ann Lauterbach Papers.
Lauterbach, Ann, ‡d 1942- ‡xOwnership.
Leavitt, David From the David Leavitt Papers.
Leavitt, David, ‡d 1961- ‡x Ownership.
Liebert Johnson Collection From the library of Herman W. Liebert.
Liebert, Herman W. ‡x Ownership.
Lord, James From the James Lord Papers.
Lord, James ‡x Ownership.
Lost Roads Publishers Archive From the Lost Roads Publishers Archive.
Lost Roads Publishers ‡x Ownership.
Mac Low, Jackson From the library of Jackson Mac Low.
Mac Low, Jackson ‡x Ownership.
Malanga, Gerard From the Gerard Malanga papers.
Malanga, Gerard ‡x Ownership.
Malone, Marvin From the library of Marvin Malone.
Malone, Marvin, ‡d 1930- ‡x Ownership.
Martinelli, Sheri From the Sheri Martinelli Papers.
Martinelli, Sheri ‡x Ownership.
McClatchy, J.D. From the library of J.D. McClatchy.
McClatchy, J. D.,‡d1945- ‡x Ownership

"Sandy" is J.D. McClatchy. "Chip" is Chip Kidd

McCourt, James From the James McCourt and Vincent Virga Papers.
McCourt, James, ‡d 1941- ‡x Ownership.
Virga, Vincent ‡x Ownership.
McDonald, John From the John McDonald Papers.
McDonald, John, ‡d 1906-1998 ‡x Ownership.
Merrill, James From the James Merrill Papers.
Merrill, James Ingram ‡x Ownership.
Moeller, Philip From the Philip Moeller Papers.
Moeller, Philip, ‡d 1880-1958 ‡x Ownership.
Movimento '77 Do not trace provenance for the collection
As appropriate, make genre heading(s) or subject tracing(s)
655 7 ‡a Movimento del '77 literature. ‡2 local
655 7 ‡a Protest literature ‡z [country]. ‡2 rbgenr
690 4 ‡a Movimento del '77.
O'Keefe, Georgia See: Stieglitz, Alfred
Padgett, Ron From the library of Ron Padgett.
Padgett, Ron, ‡d 1942- ‡x Ownership.
Palmquist, Peter (Library) From the library of Peter Palmquist.
Palmquist, Peter E. ‡x Ownership.
Palmquist, Peter (Papers) From the Peter E. Palmquist papers and photographs.
Palmquist, Peter E. ‡x Ownership.
Perchik, Simon From the library of Simon Perchik.
Perchik, Simon ‡x Ownership.
Pietro Aretino Collection From the Pietro Aretino Collection.
Pietro Aretino Collection.
Press Club, London From the library of the Press Club, London.
Press Club (London, England). ‡b Library ‡x Ownership.
Rabinowitz, Louis M. Bookplate reads Gift of Louis M. Rabinowitz:
Gift of Louis M. Rabinowitz.
Rabinowitz, Louis M. ‡q (Louis Mayer), ‡d 1887-1957 ‡x Ownership

For The Shalom Asch Collection of Judaica, The Gift of Louis M. Rabinowitz, see Asch, Shalom
Raiziss, Sona See: De Palchi, Alfredo
Rudge, Olga Rudge, Olga, ‡d 1895- ‡x Ownership.
Sandy, Stephen From the library of Stephen Sandy.
Sandy, Stephen ‡x Ownership.
590     ‡a BEIN [call number]: From the Sarenco Papers.
692 0 4 ‡a Sarenco, ‡d 1945- ‡x Ownership.
Schulman, Grace From the Grace Schulman Papers.
Schulman, Grace ‡x Ownership.
Seligmann, Kurt From the Kurt Seligmann Papers.
Seligmann, Kurt, ‡d 1900-1962 ‡x Ownership.
Serge, Victor From the Victor Serge Papers.
Serge, Victor, ‡d 1890-1947.
Shalom Asch Collection of Judaica See Asch, Sholem
Sherman, Bill From the William David Sherman Papers.
Sherman, William David ‡x Ownership.
Shively, Charley From the Charley Shively Papers.
Shively, Charley ‡x Ownership.
Simpson, Randolph Linsly From the Randolph Linsly Simpson African-American collection.
Simpson, Randolph Linsly ‡x Ownership.
Skupina RA collection From the Skupina Ra Collection of works related to the Ra Group of artists.

Collection of materials related to the Czech Surrealist group of artists called Skupina RA

Slocum, John J. From the library of John J. Slocum.
Slocum, John J. ‡x Ownership

(Although the plate reads: The Eileen and John J. Slocum Collection of James Joyce; to be consistent with items already cataloged only note and trace John J. Slocum)

Société anonyme See: Dreier, Katherine
Stanford, Frank From the Frank Stanford papers.
Stanford, Frank, ‡d 1949- ‡x Ownership.
Stenzel From the library of Dr. Franz R. Stenzel and Mrs. Kathryn M. Stenzel.
Stenzel, Franz ‡x Ownership.
Stenzel, Kathryn M. ‡q (Kathryn Mathison) ‡x Ownership.
Stieglitz, Alfred From the Alfred Stieglitz / Georgia O'Keefe Archive.
Alfred Stieglitz / Georgia O'Keeffe Archive.
Tobin, Kay and Barbara Gittings From the library of Kay Tobin and Barbara Gittings.
Gittings, Barbara, ‡d 1932-2007 ‡x Ownership.
Tobin, Kay ‡x Ownership.
Tyler, Matilda From the Tyler Kipling Collection.
Tyler, Matilda ‡x Ownership.
Tyler Kipling Collection See: Tyler, Matilda
Virga, Vincent See: McCourt, James
Vizenor, Gerald Robert From the Gerald Robert Vizenor Papers.
Vizenor, Gerald Robert, ‡d 1934- ‡x Ownership.
Warren, Robert Penn From the Robert Penn Warren Papers.
Warren, Robert Penn, ‡d 1905-1989‡x Ownership.
Wat, Aleksander From the Aleksander Wat papers.
Wat, Aleksander ‡x Ownership.
Welish, Marjorie From the Marjorie Welish Papers.
Welish, Marjorie, ‡d 1944- ‡x Ownership.
Welles, Roger Patton From the Roger Patton Welles Papers.
Welles, Roger Patton ‡x Ownership.
Wescott, Glenway From the Glenway Wescott Papers.
Wescott, Glenway, ‡d 1901-1987‡x Ownership.
Wheeler, Monroe From the Monroe Wheeler Papers.
Wheeler, Monroe, ‡d 1899- ‡x Ownership.
White, Edmund From the library of Edmund White.
White, Edmund, ‡d 1940- ‡x Ownership.
Whittaker, Donald From the library of Donald Whittaker.
Whittaker, Donald ‡x Ownership.
Wilder family
590     ‡aBEIN [call number]: From the Wilder Family Papers.
693 3 4 ‡a Wilder family ‡x Ownership.
Wilder, Thornton Wilder, Thornton, ‡d 1897-1975 ‡x Ownership.
Williams, Terry Tempest From the library of Terry Tempest Williams.
Williams, Terry Tempest ‡x Ownership.
Williams, William Carlos From the library of William Carlos Williams.
Williams, William Carlos, ‡d 1883-1963 ‡x Ownership.
Willson, A. Leslie See: Dimension archive
Wilson, Edmund From the library of Edmund Wilson.
Wilson, Edmund, ‡d 1895-1972 ‡x Ownership.
Windham, Donald
590     ‡a From the library of Donald Windham and Sandy Campbell.
692 1 4 ‡a Windham, Donald, ‡x Ownership.
692 1 4 ‡a Campbell, Sandy ‡x Ownership.
710 2   ‡a Donald Windham and Sandy Campbell Library (Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library) ‡5 CtY-BR
Wolf, David From the David Wolf Papers.
Wolf, David ‡x Ownership.
World's fairs See: Heller, Alfred
Wright, C. D. From the C.D. Wright Papers.
Wright, C. D., ‡d 1949- ‡x Ownership.
Wright, Richard From the Richard Wright papers.
Wright, Richard, ‡d 1908-1960 ‡x Ownership.
Zoummeroff, Philippe From the Philippe Zoummeroff Collection of May 1968 Paris Counterculture.
Zoummeroff, Philippe ‡x Ownership.

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