Form and Genre Terms Used by the Rare Book Team in MARC Field 655

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Use Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms for Library and Archival Materials (LCGFT) and the RBMS Controlled Vocabularies as the default thesauri when assigning any genre/form terms. When terms are duplicated in both thesauri (e.g. Zines), code the term ‡2 lcgft. When there are more specific terms applicable to special collections, use the RBMS term coded ‡2 rbgenr. If terms are not found in either LCGFT or the RBMS Controlled vocabularies, use other thesauri in this order of preference:

If a term cannot be found in any thesaurus, but it has been approved for use by the Rare Book Cataloging Unit, code the term ‡2 local.

It is important to remember that genre/form terms describe what a work is versus what it is about.

This list reflects the form and genre terms frequently used by the Rare Book Cataloging Unit in its cataloging of Beinecke printed materials and includes terms that the library believes are important and is updated to reflect changing usage and needs. It does not necessarily include the terms appearing on cataloging records in Orbis obtained via copy cataloging. These terms appear in the 655 field and are searchable in Orbis as “Genre/Form.” Catalogers may use authorized form and genre terms not on this list and may propose additions to the list. 

Genre/form terms may not be subdivided, geographically, topically, chronologically, or by form.

When using copy cataloging, or updating Beinecke records already in Orbis, remove all  subdivisions under genre/form terms, except for those noted below. Do not remove subdivisions on records with holdings from other special collections libraries (BAC, Walpole, AOB, etc.).

Always provide a 752 Hierarchical Place Name for the place of publication (usually subfields a, b and d [country, state and city]). Use a standardized form based on the 781 field of the place name authority record. For more information see: Hierarchical Place Names.

Except for LCSH terms, all Genre/Form terms are input in field 655 _7.

Those headings that correspond to copy-specific information should have ‡5 CtY-BR as the final subfield.

Genre Terms

Academic catalogs. ‡2 rbgenr
Academic theses. ‡2 lcgft
Use for theses, dissertations and disputations.
Acrostics (Puzzles) ‡2 lcgft
Acting editions. ‡2 lcgft
Advertisements. ‡2 lcgft
Almanacs. ‡2 lcgft
See also Serials (special types): Almanacs)
Alphabet books. ‡2 rbgenr
American newspapers. See Serials (special types): Newspapers)
Anti-Catholic literature. ‡2 rbgenr
Artists' books. ‡2 lcgft
Atlases. ‡2 lcgft
See also Atlases
Auction catalogs. ‡2 lcgft
Audiobooks. ‡2 lcgft
Autonomist literature ‡2 local
See also Protest literature.
Ballads. ‡2 lcgft
Use in preference to Broadside poems when intended to be sung.
Banned works. ‡2 rbgenr
Big little books. ‡2 rbgenr
Blank forms. ‡2 lcgft
Book prospectuses. ‡2 rbgenr
Booksellers' advertisements. ‡2 rbgenr
Booksellers' catalogs. ‡2 rbgenr
Broadside poems. ‡2 rbgenr
Calaveras. ‡2 lcgft
California as an island. ‡2 local
Use for early maps when California was depicted as an island.
Campaign biography. ‡2 lcgft
Campaign literature. ‡2 rbgenr
Captivity narratives. ‡2 lcgft
Carriers' addresses. ‡2 rbgenr
Chapbooks. ‡2 rbgenr
Do not use 20th and 21st century publications.
Ciphers. ‡2 rbgenr
College addresses. ‡2 local
Use for addresses other than Baccalaureate addresses given at colleges and universities.
Colonial exhibitions. ‡2 aat
Comedy plays. ‡2 lcgft
Comics (Graphic works) ‡2 lcgft
(See also Serials (special types): Comics)
Company prospectuses. ‡2 rbgenr
Composite atlases. ‡2 lcgft
See also Composite Atlases
Concrete poetry. ‡2 lcgft
Congressional addresses. ‡2 rbgenr
Cookbooks. ‡2 lcgft
Code 655   0
Cries. ‡2 rbgenr
Dialogues (Literature) ‡2 lcgft
Dictionaries. ‡2 lcgft
Dime novels. ‡2 rbgenr
See also Serials (special types): Dime Novels
Directories. ‡2 lcgft
See also Serials (special types): Directories
Emblem books. ‡2 lcgft
Erotica. ‡2 rbgenr
Expurgated editions. ‡2 rbgenr
Fables. ‡2 lcgft
Fairy tales. ‡2 lcgft
Festival books. ‡2 rbgenr
Fourth of July addresses. ‡2 rbgenr
Funeral addresses. ‡2 rbgenr
Funeral sermons. ‡2 lcgft
Gallows speeches. ‡2 rbgenr
Gift books. ‡2 lcgft
Guidebooks. ‡2 lcgft
Herbals. ‡2 rbgenr
Hornbooks (Primers) ‡2 lcgft
Hymnals. ‡2 lcgft
Installation sermons. ‡2 rbgenr
Interlinearies. ‡2 rbgenr
Jesuit relations. ‡2 rbgenr
Juvenile literature. ‡2 rbgenr
Juvenilia. ‡2 rbgenr
Laws. Use Statutes and codes.
Legislative addresses. ‡2 rbgenr
Lettrist literature. ‡2 local
See also Protest literature.
Literary hoaxes. ‡2 rbgenr
Little magazines. ‡2 rbgenr
See also Serials (special types): Little magazines)
Livres d'artistes. ‡2 rbgenr
Local histories. ‡2 lcgft
Maps. ‡2 lcgft
See also Map Cataloging for narrower terms
Maps in books. ‡2 local
Mazarinades. ‡2 rbgenr
Menus. ‡2 lcgft
Military orders. ‡2 rbgenr
See also Army regulations
Morality plays. ‡2 lcgft
Movimento del '77 literature. ‡2 local
See also Protest literature.
Municipal ordinances. ‡2 lcgft
Mystery and miracle plays. ‡2 lcgft
Newspapers. ‡2 lcgft
See also Serials (special types): Newspapers
Nursery rhymes. ‡2 lcgft
Official gazettes. ‡2 lcgft
Ordination sermons. ‡2 rbgenr
Original art. ‡2 local
Do not trace for original art published as such; also make local 692 [Name] ‡x Original art.
Overland journals. ‡2 rbgenr
Pastoral poetry. ‡2 lcgft
Pataphysical literature. ‡2 rbgenr
See also Protest literature.
Peepshows. ‡2 gmgpc
Penmanship specimen books. ‡2 rbgenr
Periodicals. ‡2 lcgft
See also Serials (special types): Periodicals
Photographs. ‡2 lcgft
Use for 19th century photographs only
Photobooks. ‡2 lcgft
Photoplay editions.
Code 655   0
Playbills (Posters) ‡2 lcgft
Pochoir. ‡2 aat
Poetical miscellanies. ‡2 rbgenr
Code 655   0
Primers. Use Readers (Publications)
Programs (Publications) ‡2 lcgft
Promotional materials. ‡2 lcgft
Promptbooks. ‡2 rbgenr
Prospectuses. Use narrower terms Company prospectuses and Book prospectuses.
Protest literature. ‡2 rbgenr
See also Protest literature.
Publishers' advertisements. ‡2 rbgenr
Generally do not use for post-19th century publications
Publishers' catalogs. ‡2 rbgenr
Rappresentazioni. Use Mystery and miracle plays
Readers (Publications) ‡2 lcgft
Regimental histories. ‡2 rbgenr
Romans à clef. ‡2 lcgft
Samizdat. ‡2 rbgenr
Satirical literature. ‡2 lcgft
Scrolls, [Language]. ‡2 local
Sermons. ‡2 lcgft
Sheet music. ‡2 aat
Situationist literature. ‡2 local
See also Protest literature.
Slave narratives. ‡2 lcgft
Spellers. ‡2 rbgenr
Statutes and codes. ‡2 lcgft
Do not use for French or Mexican government documents.
Textbooks. ‡2 lcgft
Thanksgiving day addresses. ‡2 rbgenr
Thanksgiving Day sermons. ‡2 lcgft
Theater programs. ‡2 lcgft
Trade catalogs. ‡2 lcgft
Tragedies (Drama) ‡2 lcgft
Tragicomedies. ‡2 lcgft
Travel writing. ‡2 lcgft
Typography, Dadaist. ‡2 local
Typography, Futurist. ‡2 local
Typography, Surrealist. ‡2 local
Typography, Vorticist. ‡2 local
Underground comics. ‡2 lcgft
(see also Serials (special types): Comics)
Underground newspapers
Code 655   0
Underground periodicals
Code 655   0
Underground publications. ‡2 rbgenr
Utopian literature. ‡2 rbgenr
Viewbooks. ‡2 rbgenr
Views. ‡2 gmgpc
Volvelles. ‡2 rbgenr
World's fairs. ‡2 aat
Zines. ‡2 lcgft

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Binding Terms

All terms in this list are input in field 655 7. They are not subdivided geographically or chronologically. All headings are followed at end by ‡2 rbbin unless otherwise noted. Those headings that correspond to copy-specific information should have ‡5 CtY-BR as the final subfield. See also the bindings and binders page. To facilitate copying and pasting the ‡5 CtY-BR has been added to terms that are usually copy-specific.

Accordion fold format (Binding) ‡2 rbbin
Apollo and Pegasus bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Architectural bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Armorial bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Use for all armorial bindings; also make Armorial bindings (Provenance) and provenance tracing when ownership is known.
Binders (Binding) ‡2 local

Use when the binder is known, but there is no physical evidence

Also make 7XX tracing with ‡e binder at the end (add ‡5 CtY-BR if copy specific)

Binders' instructions (Binding) ‡2 rbbin
Binders' stamps (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Also make 7XX tracing with ‡e binder. ‡5 CtY-BR at the end.
Binders' tickets (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Also make 7XX tracing with ‡e binder. ‡5 CtY-BR at the end.
Blind tooled bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Always use with Pigskin bindings (Binding) when binding is pigskin; use Blind tooled bindings (Binding) alone only for notable examples.
Bookbinding (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Use only for dated bindings; give date of binding in local note
Brocade bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Cathedral bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Chained bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Coptic bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Cosway bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Cottage style bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Cottonian Library book covers (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Cuir-ciselé bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Dentelle bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Dos-à-dos bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin
Doublures (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Dust jackets (Binding) ‡2 rbbin
Traced for dust jackets through 1900, and selectively after 1900 per curator's request.
Emblematic bindings (Binding) ‡2 local ‡5 CtY-BR
Embroidered bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Etruscan bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Fan style bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Fanfare bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Flap bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Fore-edge paintings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Fur bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Gauffered edges (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Girdle books (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Goatskin bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Gold tooled bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Use only for notable examples.
Greek style bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Grotesque bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Hollis bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Interlace bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Islamic bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Jansenist style bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Lace bindings (Materials) (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Lacquered bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Landscape bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Manuscript waste (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Masonic bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Metal bindings (Binding) ‡2 local
Use for non-precious metal bindings; for precious metal bindings, use Treasure bindings .
Middle Hill boards (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Molded leather bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Mosaic bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Mudéjar bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Needlepoint bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Painted bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Papier-mâché bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Penitential bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Pictorial cloth bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin
Use for publisher's pictorial cloth bindings from ca. 1870-1920.
Pigskin bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Use alone if not blind tooled; also use Blind tooled bindings (Binding) if blind tooled.
Printed waste (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Prize bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin
Publishers' bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin
Use for bindings to 1800.
Punch-dotting (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Settle bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Shagreen bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Somber bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Tortoise shell bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Tracery (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Treasure bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR
Velvet bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin ‡5 CtY-BR

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Provenance Evidence

All terms in this list are input in field 655 7. They are not subdivided topically, geographically or chronologically, unless otherwise noted. All headings are followed at end by ‡2 rbprov unless otherwise noted. All headings correspond to copy-specific information and thus should have ‡5 CtY-BR as the final subfield.

Annotations (Provenance) ‡y [Known or estimated century of annotations]. ‡2 rbprov ‡5 CtY-BR
Subdivide by century; also make local personal or corporate name provenance subject tracings when appropriate according to Provenance Notes and Tracings.
Notes must be textual, not markings (e.g. underlinings, vertical marginal strokes, etc.)
Armorial bindings (Provenance) ‡2 rbprov ‡5 CtY-BR
Use only for identified armorial bindings; also make Armorial bindings (Binding) and local 692  [Name] ‡x Binding.  For unidentified armorial binding, see Armorial bindings (Binding)
Armorial bookplates (Provenance) ‡2 rbprov ‡5 CtY-BR
Also make local 692  [Name] ‡x Bookplate.
Booksellers' labels (Provenance) ‡2 rbprov ‡5 CtY-BR
Also make 7XX tracing with ‡e bookseller. ‡5 CtY-BR at the end.
Booksellers' stamps (Provenance) ‡2 local ‡5 CtY-BR
Also make 7XX tracing with ‡e bookseller. ‡5 CtY-BR at the end.
Extra-illustrated copies (Provenance) ‡2 rbprov ‡5 CtY-BR
Also note extra illustrations in a local note.

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Printing & Publishing Evidence

All terms in this list are input in field 655 _7. All headings with (Printing) are followed at end by ‡2 rbpri unless otherwise noted. All headings with (Publishing) are followed at end by ‡2 rbpub unless otherwise noted. Those headings that correspond to copy-specific information should have ‡5 CtY-BR as the final subfield.

Advance copies (Printing) ‡2 rbpri
Block books (Printing) ‡2 rbpri
Cancellation (Publishing) ‡2 rbpub
Make explanatory 500 and/or 590.
Chronograms (Publishing) ‡2 rbpub
Colored paper printings (Publishing) ‡2 rbpub
Composition errors (Printing) ‡2 rbpri
Use only for notable examples.
Compositor's copy (Printing) ‡2 rbpri
Dummies (Publishing) ‡2 rbpub
Engraved books (Printing) ‡2 rbpri
False imprints (Publishing) ‡2 rbpub
Make two hierarchical place name added entries
Fictitious imprints (Publishing) ‡2 rbpub
Forgeries (Publishing) ‡2 rbpub
Half-titles (Printing) ‡2 rbpri
Use for works to 1641
Imposition errors (Printing) ‡2 rbpri
Inserted text leaves (Publishing) ‡2 rbpub
Made-up copies (Publishing) ‡2 rbpub
Miniature books (Printing) ‡2 rbpri
Mourning borders (Publishing) ‡2 local
Mourning wrappers (Publishing) ‡2 local
Music notation (Printing) ‡2 local
Use for works to 1692
Palm leaf books (Printing) ‡2 local
Perpendicular half-titles (Printing) ‡2 local
Use only for books of the hand-press period.
Piracies (Publishing) ‡2 rbpub
Printing in a single color (Printing) ‡2 rbpri
Printing in multiple colors (Printing) ‡2 rbpri
Privately published books (Publishing) ‡2 rbpub
Proofs (Printing) ‡2 rbpri
Review copies (Printing) ‡2 rbpri
Rubricator's notes (Publishing) ‡2 local
Shaped books (Publishing) ‡2 rbpub
Subscription lists (Publishing) ‡2 rbpub
Vellum printings (Printing) ‡2 rbpri

Type Evidence

No headings used systematically at this time.

Paper Terms

No headings used systematically at this time

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