General Collection of Rare Books and Manuscripts

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The Beinecke Library's general collection has its origins in the books that were donated at the beginning of Yale College. The general collection's direct predecessor is the Rare Book Room collection that was created in 1930 when the Sterling Memorial Library opened. The collection includes a wide range of printed material, from the Gutenberg Bible to current imprints. Strengths of the collection are many and include early printed books, religion and philosophy, British history and literature, early American and English newspapers and serials, continental literature, and children's literature. For more complete information see the Guide to the Collections.

The general cataloging policies for monographs and serials are followed.


Newly cataloged material for the general collection is classed either in  the year/number scheme or a name collection. Before 1971, items were classed in the "Old Yale" classification, or as a name collection. Use a year/number call number unless otherwise instructed.

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