Basic Copy Cataloging


Compare the record you’ve found in OCLC with the item in hand. Verify the following:

Fixed Fields

Verify that the Leader and 006-008 fields are correct. Encoding levels in the Leader should be set to _, 1, I or M; if not, and the record does have full-level cataloging, evaluate descriptive elements and access points and upgrade to level _.

Variable Fields

Authority Verification


Records in OCLC often do not have the authorized form of the heading. Headings must match authorized form. Common examples of ways that the headings do not match up are:

Both of the above examples should be rectified by using the authorized form of the name for the record. The two examples below, however, should be flagged for a catalog librarian, as they require NACO work:


Note: YUL policy is to use the 490/8XX combination for all traced series; however, the 440 field will still be seen on many records used for copy cataloging.
Validate all series (4XX, 8XX) in Voyager except those found in LC records:

If an authority record is found:

Consult a catalog librarian, or your supervisor, if:


Statistics are recorded using the Technical Services: Cataloging Statistics form in the LibInsight program. Add statistics records on the Cataloging Statisticss form for each format according to the following definitions. More information can be found at Statistics.



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