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With the publication in 2007 of DCRM(B), standard rules for creating collection-level records for Special Collections materials first became available. Previously, collection-level records for Beinecke materials were primarily used for “Pamphlet Boxes” of ephemera deemed not to require item-level cataloging. Bibliographic records for these collections vary in depth of description and access. Some are ‘open’ collections, treated as continuing resources with a serial call number, to which material can be added directly by Beinecke Technical Services, without having to go through the Rare Book Team. Materials in “Pamphlet Boxes” also could be partially or completely analyzed.

Since 2010, collection-level records, created according to Appendix B of DCRM(B), are being used at the Beinecke to provide at least basic access to otherwise "hidden collections" of materials in the backlog, where current priorities and resources do not permit immediate, item-level cataloging. Materials in these collections may include substantial monographs in addition to ephemera and individual serial issues. As with the “Pamphlet Box” records, these may vary in depth of description and extent of access provided. Again, some or all of the items in the collection could have, or be intended to receive, item-level cataloging: minimal-, core-, or full-level. Alternately, access to individual titles may be provided within the collection-level record via a 7XX field. An in-house list of materials treated at the collection level is being maintained in order to prioritize possible future item level treatment.

Historic note: Previously, Beinecke Library referred to these collections as "Pamphlet boxes."

Record Creation

General Policies | Minimum requirements | Optional additions

General Policies

Determine the depth of description and access for the collection. Consult with Technical Services staff and appropriate curator as necessary. Once this has been determined, follow the rules provided in Appendix B of DCRM(B) for the fixed and variable fields used.

Minimum requirements

Supply the appropriate fixed fields (see DCRM(B) Appendix B) and the following variable fields:

245 [Title: devise a tile; use DCRM(B) guidelines]
260 ‡c For a range of dates
300 Preferable for number of items or an approximate count, otherwise for number of boxes.
500 Collection title devised by cataloger.
6XX Assign at least 1 subject


245 1 0 ‡a [Miscellaneous pamphlets about William Wordsworth].
260     ‡c 1900-1951.
300     ‡a v. ; ‡c 26 cm.
500     Collection title devised by cataloger.
600 1 0 ‡a Wordsworth, William, ‡d 1770-1850.

Optional Additions

These are only some of the possible additions; for a complete list see DCRM(B) Appendix B.

1XX Collector. Use the optional ‡e collector (per MS Unit practice).
300 Accompanying material. Use ‡e for any accompanying material (e.g., annotated list of items)
500 Items cataloged individually. Make a 500 note and an 852 ‡ z note if any part of the collection has, or is in process of receiving, item-level cataloging.

Material removed. Make a 500 note for any other material removed from the collection and handled elsewhere (e.g., manuscript material tranferred to the MS Unit for processing).

Online. Make a note about any list or finding aid available online.

505 Contents. Include a 505 note when appropriate. Such as a list of individual titles, or if there are multiple boxes or volumes explaining how the contents are arranged (e.g., thematically, chronologically, alphabetically)
545 Biographical information. Do not use if the collector is a well-known figure (e.g., Thornton Wilder does not require a biographical note, but a brief one for Henry Raup Wagner could be useful).
6XX Collector. Do not create for the collector, unless there is material about the collector.
7XX Collector. Use the optional ‡e collector (per MS Unit practice).
856 Online link. Provide a link for any list or finding aid available online.
852 Items cataloged individually. Provide information on items cataloged individually in a ‡z note

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505     ‡a Box 1. 1800-1805 (21 items) – Box 2. 1806-1810 (19 items) – Box 3. 1811-1819 (31 items).
505     ‡a Box 1. Costa Rica imprints (45 items) – Box 2. Guatemala imprints (51 items) – Box 3. Mexican imprints (47 imprints).
500     ‡a Part of this collection is cataloged at the item level. To view titles cataloged separately, search under call numbers 1991 +S5 and Brsides Folio 1997 1.
852 8 0 ‡b beingen ‡h 1991 ‡i +S5 ‡z Part of this collection is cataloged at the item level. To view titles cataloged separately, search under call numbers 1991 +S5.
300     ‡a 1112 items + ‡e list
555     ‡a Accompanied by an annotated list of items.

Note any accompanying list, finding aid, etc. If it is available online, make a link using an 856 field.

856 4 2 ‡y Online index ‡u[file name].pdf

All online indexes should be saved as PDF files and uploaded to the Beinecke "OrbisExtras" drive.

MARC record examples:

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