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Material relating to a printed work sometimes accompanies a volume to be cataloged. Examples include publisher's announcements, descriptions by bookdealers, clippings, prospectuses, CDs, etc.


Technical Services makes notes in the acquisitions record about material that has been removed to either the Manuscript Unit or bibliographic files or about material that accompanies the item being cataloged. Catalogers should ignore notes that begin: "Removed to" and not note this in the catalog record. Catalogers should always note in the catalog record the material that begins "Accompanied by".


Material housed together will all be marked with just the call number. There will be no mention of accompanying material in the MFHD or in the item record.

Accompanying material remaining with item

Accompanying material remaining with the item will be marked with the call number.

590     ‡a BEIN 2009 488: Accompanied by: Prospectus ([4] p.)
852 8 0 ‡b beingen ‡h 2009 ‡i 488

Accompanying material housed separately

Accompanying material housed separately will be marked with the call number followed by suppl. The MFHD will include the suppl in the ‡z. The item record will have information about the suppl. in the Enum field.

590     ‡a BEIN Koch 43: Dust jacket. 20 cm. From the Frederick R. Koch Collection, FRKF 1298a. Accompanied by prospectus for Fourteen songs ([2] p.).
852 8 0 ‡b beingen ‡h Koch ‡i 43 ‡z + suppl.

This policy became effective August 2005. Before this date, accession records have "Removed to:" or "Laid in:" notes. For this material follow instructions on the BLIP.

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